The CSOP China Sentiment Index aims to provide an indicator on global investors’ investment sentiment towards China A shares market.

CSOP China sentiment Index

The CSOP China Sentiment Index comprises flows of all CSOP China related ETFs with AUM more than 200 million RMB (approximately 30 million USD). As the included ETFs are listed offshore China and used by international investors, the CSOP China Sentiment Index aims to provide an indicator of overseas sentiment towards A-shares. China Sentiment Index was developed with a base level of 1000 as of 31 Dec 2012 and the index rebalances quarterly.

Index Level
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CSOP serves as a one-stop shop for information about China’s unique capital market structure. In addition, some basic knowledge about ETF investment can also be found in this section.

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As a leading Chinese asset manager, we would like to share with you about our unique market views from our special perspective based on extensive researches and interviews with our investors.

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