Established in 2008, CSOP was the first offshore entity set up by a Chinese asset manager. Committed to leading the world’s China investment, CSOP has devoted to presenting the best China investment opportunities and China investment intelligence to global investors. As the first Chinese asset manager who opens the office in Singapore, CSOP will continue to bring our best-in-class asset management services to Singapore and regional investors.

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CSOP Family Office (External Asset Manager)

As a guru trusted by global investors, we continuously foretell trends and foresee changes.

To manage your family wealth is a weighty responsibility. We shall make shrewdest judgments and exercise utmost diligence, guiding your investing with humility, care, and wisdom.

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CSOP Asset management

In the active space, CSOP offers Greater China themed equity/fixed income funds and also helps match investors to excellent China onshore private fund managers through her proprietary Compass Platform. On the passive side, CSOP is a key ETF leader in Asia and the proud issuer of the UBS CSOP Global Asset Momentum Allocation Index (“GAMA index”), which is designed to deliver consistent return with smoothing risk.

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