CSOP iEdge S-REIT Leaders Index ETF

(SGD Counter Stock Code: SRT, USD Counter Stock Code: SRU)


IMPORTANT: Investment involves risks. Investment value may rise or fall. Past performance information presented is not indicative of future performance. Investors should refer to the Prospectus and the Product Key Facts Statement for further details, including product features and risk factors. Investors should not make investment decisions based on this website alone.

The CSOP iEdge S-REIT Leaders Index ETF (the "Sub-Fund") is a sub-fund of the CSOP SG ETF Series I ("Unit Trust"), which is a Singapore unit trust. The Sub-Fund is a passively managed index tracking ETF authorised under Section 286 of the Securities and Futures Act, Chapter 289 of Singapore. The units of the Sub-Fund (the "Units") are traded on the Singapore Stock Exchange (the "SGX").

MAS registration and authorization do not represent a recommendation or endorsement of the Unit Trust or the Sub-Fund nor do they guarantee the commercial merits of the Unit Trust or the Sub-Fund or their performance. They do not mean the Unit Trust or the Sub-Fund is suitable for all investors nor do they represent an endorsement of its suitability for any particular investor or class of investors.

The Sub-Fund is a physical ETF and invests primarily in Singapore real estate investment trusts ("REITs"). The Sub-Fund is denominated in SGD.

The Sub-Fund is not principal guaranteed and your investments may suffer losses. There is no assurance that the Sub-Fund will achieve its investment objective.
The Sub-Fund's investment in the underlying securities is subject to general market risks, whose value may fluctuate due to various factors, such as changes in investment sentiment, political and economic conditions and issuer-specific factors.
Investors in the Sub-Fund are exposed to the same risks that investors who invest directly in the underlying securities would face. These risks include, for example, interest rate risks (risks of falling portfolio values in a rising interest rate market); income risks (risks of falling incomes from a portfolio in a falling interest rate market); and credit risk (risk of a default by the underlying issuer of a security that forms part of the Index).
There is a risk that investments made by the Sub-Fund may become less liquid in response to market developments, adverse investor perceptions or regulatory and government intervention (including the possibility of widespread trading suspensions implemented by domestic regulators). In extreme market conditions, there may be no willing buyer for an investment and so that investment cannot be readily sold at the desired time or price, and consequently the Sub-Fund may have to accept a lower price to sell the relevant investment or may not be able to sell the investment at all. An inability to sell a particular investment or portion of the Sub-Fund's assets can have a negative impact of the value of the Sub-Fund.
The Index is concentrated in REITs which are listed on the SGX-ST. As a result, any political or economic changes in the relevant country, changes in the financial condition of the relevant government and changes in the economic and political conditions affecting the government may have an adverse impact on the performance of the Index and the portfolio of Index Securities held by this Sub-Fund.
Certain REITs may have limited diversification and may be subject to risks inherent in financing a limited number of properties. Investments in REITs and other issuers that invest, deal or otherwise engage in transactions in or hold real estate or interests therein are subject to risks similar to investing directly in real estate. For example, real estate values may fluctuate as a result of general and local economic conditions, overbuilding and increased competition, increases in property taxes and operating expenses, changes in zoning laws, casualty or condemnation losses, regulatory limitations on rents, changes in neighbourhood values, changes in how appealing properties are to tenants, increases in interest rates and unexpected interruptions such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks or other unforeseeable events.
REITs may also be subject to financial covenants and/or borrowing/gearing ratios and their ability to comply with such ratios could be adversely affected if the REITs are unable to obtain funds from investors or loans or re-finance existing debt. If the REITs are unable to comply with the gearing ratios, the REITs may become more susceptible to interest rate movements and re-financing risks. If the REITs continue to remain as part of the Index despite non-compliance with the gearing ratios, this may cause an investment in this Sub-Fund to be subject to a higher level of risk as the objective of the Sub-Fund is to closely track the performance of the Index.
Although the Index is comprised of REITs which are listed on the SGX-ST, some of these REITs hold or invest into properties or real estate in other jurisdictions, including but not limited to emerging markets like China, Indonesia and Malaysia. The performance of such REITs is dependent on and affected by economic and political developments, changes in interest rates and perceived trends in stock (including REIT) prices in these markets. Any adverse developments in these foreign markets may impact the performance of such REITs and adversely impact this Sub-Fund's performance.
Risks associated with FDIs include counterparty/credit risk, liquidity risk, valuation risk, volatility risk and over-the-counter transaction risk. FDIs are susceptible to price fluctuations and higher volatility, and may have large bid and offer spreads and no active secondary markets. The leverage element/component of an FDI can result in a loss significantly greater than the amount invested in the FDI by the Sub-Fund. Exposure to FDIs may lead to a high risk of significant loss by the Sub-Fund.
Securities lending transactions may involve the risk that the borrower may fail to return the securities lent out in a timely manner and the value of the collateral may fall below the value of the securities lent out.
The Sub-Fund's Base Currency is in SGD but the Units are traded in SGD and USD. The NAV of the Sub-Fund may be affected unfavorably by fluctuations in the exchange rates between SGD and USD. Secondary market investors may also be subject to additional costs or losses associated with fluctuations in the exchange rates between USD and the Base Currency when trading Units in the secondary market.
Investors should note that all Units will receive distributions in the Base Currency (SGD) only. In the event that the relevant Unitholder has no SGD account, the Unitholder may have to bear the fees and charges associated with the conversion of such distribution to SGD or any other currency. The Unitholder may also have to bear bank or financial institution fees and charges associated with the handling of the distribution payment. Unitholders are advised to check with their brokers regarding arrangements for distributions.
Although the Manager will use its best endeavours to put in place arrangements so that at least one market maker will maintain a market for the Units and that at least one market maker gives not less than 3 months' notice prior to terminating market making arrangement under the relevant market maker agreement, liquidity in the market for the Units may be adversely affected if there is no or only one market maker for the Units. There is also no guarantee that any market making activity will be effective.
The Sub-Fund may be subject to tracking error risk, which is the risk that its performance may not track that of the Index exactly. This tracking error may result from the investment strategy used, and fees and expenses. The Manager will monitor and seek to manage such risk in minimising tracking error. There can be no assurance of exact or identical replication at any time of the performance of the Index.
The trading price of the Units on the SGX is driven by market factors such as the demand and supply of the Units. Therefore, the Units may trade at a substantial premium or discount to the Sub-Fund's NAV.
As investors will pay certain charges (e.g. trading fees and brokerage fees) to buy or sell Units on the SGX, investors may pay more than the NAV per Share when buying Units on the SGX, and may receive less than the NAV per Share when selling Units on the SGX.
The Sub-Fund may be terminated early under certain circumstances, for example, where the Index is no longer available for benchmarking or if the size of the Sub-Fund falls below SGD20,000,000 (or its equivalent in the Sub-Fund's base currency). Investors may not be able to recover their investments and suffer a loss when the Sub-Fund is terminated.
Payment of dividends out of capital or effectively out of capital amounts to a return or withdrawal of part of an investor's original investment or from any capital gains attributable to that original investment. Any such distributions involving payment of dividends out of capital or effectively out of capital of the Sub-Fund may result in an immediate reduction of the NAV per Share of the Sub-Fund.
The Sub-Fund is passively managed and the manager will not have the discretion to adapt to market changes due to the inherent investment nature of the Sub-Fund. Falls in the index are expected to result in corresponding falls in the value of the Sub-Fund.

Please note that the above listed investment risks are not exhaustive and investors should read the Prospectus and the Product Highlights Sheet in detail before making any investment decision.

Investment Objective and Investment Strategy

The investment objective of CSOP iEdge S-REIT Leaders Index ETF (the "Sub-Fund") is to replicate as closely as possible, before fees and expenses, the performance of the iEdge S-REIT Leaders Index (the "Index")
The Manager employs a "passive management" or indexing investment approach designed to track the performance of the Index. The Manager will adopt a Replication Strategy in managing the Sub-Fund.
Using a Replication Strategy, this Sub-Fund will invest in substantially all the Index Securities in substantially the same weightings (i.e. proportions) as the Index.

Intra-day Estimated NAV 1

Market Information

  Date Last Change Change (%)
Official NAV per Unit in SGD 2 21 Jan, 2022 0.9568 0.0013 0.14
Closing Price for USD Counter 3 21 Jan, 2022 0.71 0.00 0.00
Closing Price for SGD Counter 3 21 Jan, 2022 0.96 0.00 0.00

Fund Information

SGX-ST Listing Date 18 November 2021
Financial Year 31 December
Asset Class REITs
Domicile Singapore
Total NAV (SGD) 111,470,753.00
Outstanding Shares 116,507,250
Management Fee Currently 0.50% per annum of the Net Asset Value.
Maximum of 0.80% per annum of the Net Asset Value.
Ongoing Charges Over A Year (TER)# 0.6%
Base Currency SGD

# As the Sub-Fund is newly set up, this figure is a best estimate only and represents the sum of the estimated ongoing charges over a 12-month period, expressed as a percentage of the estimated average NAV over the same period. It may be different upon actual operation of the Sub-Fund and may vary from year to year.

Underlying Index Information

Underlying Index iEdge S-REIT Leaders Index
Index Provider Singapore Exchange Limited
Index Methodology https://api2.sgx.com/sites/default/files/2021-02/SGX%20Index%20Services_iEdge%20S-REIT%20Indices%20-%20Index%20Methodology%20-%201.1v3_20210218_0.pdf
Index Publication https://www.sgx.com/indices/products/sreitlsp
Bloomberg Ticker SREITLSN
Reuters Code .SREITLSN

Trading Information

  SGD Counter USD Counter
Exchange SGX-ST – Main Board SGX-ST – Main Board
Date of Listing / Dealing 18 November 2021 18 November 2021
Primary Exchange Time Zone GMT+8 GMT+8
Stock Code SRT SRU
Bloomberg Ticker SRT SP Equity SRU SP Equity
Reuters Code CSOP.SI CSOP-D.SI
ISIN SGXC35358685 SGXC35358685
Trading Board Lot 10 Units 10 Units
Trading Currency SGD USD

Participating Dealers4

UOB Kay Hian Private Limited Tiger Brokers (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Phillip Securities Pte Ltd iFAST Financial Pte Ltd
Futu Singapore Pte Ltd DBS Vickers Securities (Singapore) Pte Ltd
CGS-CIMB Securities (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. Flow Traders Asia Pte. Ltd.
Jane Street Financial Limited

Market Makers5

Phillip Securities Pte Ltd Flow Traders Asia Pte. Ltd.
  • The near real time indicative NAV per Unit in SGD (updated every 15 seconds during SGX trading hours) and the last NAV per Unit in SGD are indicative and for reference purposes only. The near real-time indicative NAV per Share in SGD uses a real-time SGD:USD foreign exchange rate – it is calculated using the near real-time indicative NAV per Share in USD multiplied by a real-time SGD:USD foreign exchange rate provided by ICE Data Indices when the SGX is opened for trading. Since the indicative NAV per Share in USD will not be updated when any underlying share market is closed, any change in the indicative NAV per Share in SGD (if any) during such period is solely due to the change in the foreign exchange rate.
  • The last NAV per Unit in SGD is indicative and for reference purpose only.
  • Change of the closing price for USD Counter and SGD Counter indicate change of closing price since previous SGX trading day. (Source: Bloomberg)
  • Additional Participating Dealer(s) will be appointed from time to time.
  • Please refer to SGX website for the most updated information. Additional Market Maker(s) will be appointed from time to time.


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